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oaxacan quirkle seeds

Oaxacan quirkle seeds

UVA was created by Subcool with the goal to modernise one of the 1970s greatest weed classics imported to the USA: Oaxacan Gold, a Mexican landrace genetics, with a visual, positive and entertaining effect, and a fruity and spicy fragrance. This cross with the Querkle brings colours and flavours of red fruits to the Mexican landrace, while taming its Sativa nature, giving more compact plants and a faster and more consistent flowering.

UVA, the Oaxacan landrace meets the famous Querkle

Its terpene profile is fruity, combining notes of grape, plum and red fruit on a spicy background enriched with hints of peanut butter.

UVA, a fruity and psychedelic variety

The buds of the UVA are composed of large, fleshy and swollen calyxes, generously covered with sticky and fragrant resin, while its foliage will easily acquire colours ranging from purple to golden through pink or mauve.

Oaxacan quirkle seeds

Uva is Spanish Grapes and it is the first thing you notice about this new hybrid. Combining Old World genetics of the Highland Oaxacan made famous in the 70’s smuggled in over the porous borders created by Nixon and Reagan. Many of us grew up smoking this incredible potent trippy weed that gave us visuals. I wanted to create a soothing hybrid with the same visual effects so we bred her with our Querkle male who adds Myrcene, Purple Coloring and a nice Grape taste to his progeny.

Strain Description:
UVA is creeper weed and comes on slowly at first then very strong it has a trippy very visual high that is great for listening to music or having a deep meaningless conversation. This is FUN weed and just a few hits and I was grinning from ear to ear while hearing things in a song I had never noticed before I spent the afternoon doodling with markers, I was so content. Super Tasty like a Grape Snow Cone or Slushie.

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