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orange wreck seeds

Orange wreck seeds

The Cookie Wreck bud is dense and various hues of dark green. A patchwork of bud leaves and straggling orange pistils appear to delineate the leaves. THC levels can be as high as 20% and the dominant terpenes measuring greater than others include linalool, caryophyllene, and humulene.

Upon opening the packaging, you will immediately notice the delicious sweet vanilla and cream aromas given off. On inhale you pick up a nutty flavor followed by an earthy exhale.

Cookie Wreck cannabis was brought into this world through the marriage of the Trainwreck and GSC strains. With such a renowned heritage, expectations run high for this strain and it does not fall short.

Reviewers say Cookie Wreck combines the most powerful effects of each of its parents to create a supercharged cannabis instant classic that elevates energy and mood, bringing with it a window of creativity and introspection before evolving into couch-lock level relaxation and peacefulness.

The Cookie Wreck high is said to be long lasting and powerful in both its energy and its relaxing qualities. As the offspring of famous parents, this is a strain that lives up to the hype.

Orange wreck seeds

This high yielding, 2:1 CBD cannabis strain, that won Best CBD Flower, is sure to produce well for you no matter what garden environment you place her in!

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