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peach gum seeds

Peach gum seeds

Easy to Germinate : Only with a heated propagator 25-28c Constant Heat

Easy to Grow : Yes

Ideal Growing : Tunnel – Greenhouse – Indoors yes but will have lower yield due flower drop off (see our guide here) : Outdoors requires the plant to be hardened first – see our chilli hardening page here

Top Growing Tips – Do not over water, Do not over feed – Chilli Plants love oxygen and sun more than water and food

Peach gum seeds

After preparing all of the ingredients, we can start to cook this soup. Pour peach gum,gleditsia sinensis, snow fungus, 10g dried lily bulb, 2 red dates,goji berries into the rice cooker. Then add 1500 ml water into the cooker and use soft fire to cook it for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Immerse Peach Gum In Advance

Wash Goji Berries

Firstly, Immerse 20g peach gum, 20g gleditsia sinensis for 12 hours. The peach gum will become times larger after immersing. So please use the big bowl to immerse it. After immersed them 12 hours, they are easy to cook.

Step 4: Immerse And Cut Snow Fungus

Now we should pour some water to immerse half dried snow fungus for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, cut off and discard the hard ends of the snow fungus. Then cut the snow fungus into small parts and wash it. save it for later.

Then wash 10g goji berries, drain and save them for later.

Today I will share with my favorite food Peach Gum Snow Lotus Seeds Snow Fungus Soup for you. It is a very delicious sweet soup(Chinese commonly call those sweeet soups as Tong Sui). Chinese Food is not divided into levels whether it is in the fancy restaurants or street food. But I think there are less difference about sweet soup in the different place in Chinese restaurants.

Step 1: Immerse Peach Gum And Gleditsia Sinensis In Advance

Add Crystal Rock Sugar

For those who love snow lotus seed(Chinese commonly call it as Gleditsia Sinensis, we will use Gleditsia Sinensis to replace it in our below recipe.), it is not just a taste enjoyment but also a kind of spiritual enjoyment for us. So how to how to cook snow lotus seed? Let’s take a look our detailed guide. If you prefer the video guide, we recommend you watch our youtube video below. And if you like it, remember subscribe our youtube channel to get more snow lotus recipe.