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ph levels for growing cannabis

Ph levels for growing cannabis

Many pH Control Kits come with pH Up & pH Down included. Even though they’re often sold by “General Hydroponics,” these kits work great for soil in addition to hydroponic applications.

Rain water (treat similarly to tap water – some rain water isn’t good)

Common Questions About pH

Common pH Problems


How to Use a PH Pen

No Need to Be Exact – Let pH Range Up & Down

Ph levels for growing cannabis

Some of these natural products that work to lower the pH include worm casting, manure, compost, compost teas, pine needles and wood shavings. Additionally, lemon juice or vinegar can work to lower pH but ensure the lemon juice and vinegar are diluted to avoid damaging your plants roots.

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As most tap water is alkaline, it is more common that growers will need to add more ph down to lower your pH levels than to raise it.

If your pH drifts too high or too low, you may start to see issues with your plant, such as the foliage yellowing, or your plant’s growth being stunted.

pH Down

In addition, Grobo will automatically adjust your pH level if it is found to be out of balance, eliminating the need to play around with dosing pH up or pH down that is mentioned below.

These pH strips are inexpensive relative to the alternatives. Using a pH string is also very inaccurate as you must determine the pH level on your own and compare it to a coloured pH scale.

Additionally, certain nutrients, such as calcium, may solidify and fall out of the solution. This is known as scale, and is a white substance that covers the walls of your reservoir and causes your plant’s leaves to yellow, burn and bend.

2. pH Meter

Nutrient lockout or nutrient lock can occur when your cannabis plant is unable to absorb nutrients from the fertilizer or soil that is needed to feed them. Just like the name suggests the nutrients are locked out of the plant.

One of the most overlooked, but important, aspects of growing healthy plants is pH but why? More specifically, why is the pH for cannabis plants so important?