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pineapple royal seeds

Pineapple royal seeds

Its 18% of THC and its low levels of the CBD cannabinoid makes Pinneapple Kush’ effect to be mostly cerebral when smoking it, mentally clear and stimulating, with a soft body sensation, making it highly recommended for lovers of light sativas for dayily use.

Pinapple Kush from Royal Queen Seeds is a marijuana strain with OGKush genetics crossed with a variety called Pineapple, which offers a sweet and fruity flavor, with caramel notes. It produces up to 550 g/m2 in just 8 weeks. Get it now in Alchimiaweb.

Easy to grow, it easily yields 550 g/plant of buds with sweet and tropical aromas, reminiscent of ripen pineapples mixed with caramel and menthol notes.

Its flowering period lasts only 7-8 weeks, thanks to its strong indica dominance, which is also shown in the form of the flowers – firm and very resinous – as well in its psychoactive properties.

It grows up to 120cm as maximum height, both indoors and outdoors, being a plant of compact structure and short internodes. This way, it develops a bushy and sturdy structure.

Perfect to give a break to your routine, eliminating stress and offering you an excellent and sweet flavor.

Pineapple royal seeds

Outdoors, these plants grow to be medium height, almost reaching 2 meters; the branches on this strain are resistant and more than capable of dealing with the weight of the numerous buds they produce. Outdoors, these plants should give about 600g per properly grown plant, making it ideal for commercial growing. It should be ready towards the end of September outdoors, although some phenotypes might have a slightly longer flowering period.

Pineapple Kush by Royal Queen Seeds is a strain that has distinct, different aromas and tastes to what you’re probably used to. High in demand in the USA.

Indoors, it’s pleasing and quite fast; you’ll see your plants evolving day by day. The buds it produces aren’t that big, although you’ll still get a decent harvest because the branches on this strain are extremely productive, producing bud-balls that will increase your final product’s total weight. You can get up to 450g with 10 plants per square meter, using 7L flowerpots and 600W grow lights. It should be ready after 55-60 days of flowering. Add Powder Feeding – Short Flowering for best results.

Pineapple Kush by Royal Queen Seeds is a strain that lets off an attractive pineapple aroma. This strain belongs to the OG Kush family, meaning it’s extremely high in resin. The buds are hard and compact; medium sized, it will be the envy of your crop before you know it. This strain’s pretty easy to grow, rewarding its growers with amazing results. It’s perfect for any kind of growing environment, indoors or out, so everyone can enjoy its very particular taste and smell.

Pineapple Kush Outdoor Growing

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Pineapple Kush’s taste is, you guessed it, pineapple! It has a hint of Skunk, with a Kush undertone. The effect is an indica-sedative, ending up in a lucid effect. Perfect for smoking during the day.

Pineapple Kush | Potent Indica Effect