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pineberry seeds

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Pineberry seeds

In a word, no. There are no pineberry seeds for sale anywhere. And, if you are trying to buy pineberry seeds on the internet, steer clear of anyone trying to sell them. Pineberry seeds are not likely to produce plants that grow to produce anything like the unique pineberry, and the fruits that are grown may not even taste like a pineberry.

The Problem with Pineberry Seeds

The unique selling point for pineberries is their unusual flavor. They have a flavor that is a fusion of traditional strawberry flavor with pineapple overtones. Hence, the pineapple + strawberry = pineberry. The pineberry has been billed as a new strawberry variety. In fact, that is not quite accurate. While new to the commercial markets, it is actually quite old. But, as this post deals with why it is so hard to find pineberry seeds for sale, please refer to the longer post that deals with the history and confusion surrounding this cultivar here: Pineberry Pineberries.

Pineberry Seeds for Sale?

You may not find pineberry seeds for sale, but you CAN buy pineberry plants. Buying plants guarantees that the fruit harvested from them will look and taste like pineberries because they are grown from runner plants with identical genetic makeup to the parent pineberry plants.

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