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savage citrus sunshine seeds

Savage citrus sunshine seeds

“Anyone who remembers the old school, deep, and musky taste of purples should try this strain,” said Grace.

If Autos and Fems are easy to grow, Tangie family strains are easy for beginners to smoke. They have bubbly, friendly effects that can go all day.

Old-school Maui has billions of dollars of goodwill baked into the brand name, said Matthys.

OGs for the OGs

Gush Mints electrifies and colorizes the minty strain craze. It takes Kush Mints and crosses it with the fabled F1 Durban and Gushers. The result is, “creamy gas and kushy candy terps,” said Rosen.

New Zkittlez crosses rain down upon us mortals. We’ve settled on growing Exotic Genetix’s Cookies cross Gazzungas (Zkittlez x Rainbow Chip). Up in Portland, OR, Archive Seeds hits gold with Rainbow Beltz 2.0 (Zkittlez x Moonbow).

Fems in season

Mission accomplished: Knight’s Templar OG from Dark Heart Nursery. (Courtesy Dark Heart Nursery)

Time to get growing, America.

Savage citrus sunshine seeds

Savage Citrus Sunshine by Cereal Killer Dna is a Citrus Sunshine Haze phenotype with strength on tap. Finishing in approximately 8 weeks and producing a thick crop of trichome-coated nuggets, Savage Citrus Sunshine offers rather strong flowering for patients with high-potency needs. The strain emits a distinct grapefruit taste profile accompanied by a hashy aftertaste and the effects “kick like Bruce Lee,” so says the Stinky Shaman. Like Savage Citrus Sunshine to elevate mood and moderate minor physical discomfort, however beware, this strain’s physical and mental effects can be overpowering for unseasoned consumers.

When smoked or converted into an edible form, the flavor of the Savage Citrus Sunshine strain is best described as Citrus, Grapefruit, and Earthy.

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