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scrog weed grow

It’s a good idea to water plants within 24 hours of scrogging to give them a little boost to get past the stress of the procedure.

You can then stretch a screen over the posts, slide it down to the level of the plants, and either let them grow into the screen or pull the branches through it.

You can build a frame or structure around plants when growing indoors too. A common indoor trellising structure is a frame made out of PVC pipe. You can also affix a set of post of some kind to any structure sturdy enough to support a screen—another common setup is to nail some 2x4s upright into a plant tray.

An important question to ask before putting branches into the scrog is: Where does the branch want to go? If a branch doesn’t want to stay where you put it, you might need to place it somewhere else. Don’t force it.

Scrogging marijuana indoors

Marijuana branches should be in a screen after plants are done getting topped, and before flowering. If you still have to top or cut off branches, plants will take a different shape, so they shouldn’t be in a screen yet; and you want branches set in a screen before flowering so as not to disturb plants while they are producing buds.

Keep in mind that each branch has a different length, and there’s no exact measurement for how close or far apart each plant or branch should be.

“Scrog” is short for “ scr een o f g reen.” Yet another term for scrogging is “sea of green.”

Other considerations before you scrog weed

Scrogging involves reading a plant to see what it needs and usually involves some fine-tuning. But with a little time and patience this training technique will keep your marijuana plants healthy and lush, and give you big yields.

Depending on how big your weed plants are or how many you have, it may be easier to build a frame or set posts around all the plants. Outdoors, you can drive T-posts or large wooden stakes into the ground to form a rectangle around your cannabis plants.

Scrog weed grow

At 5″ above the screen, I had the perfect amount to fill a 3.5 x 3.5 screen after the stretch.

And here is what she’ll look like when she’s all bent down

1.) STRING – The very best. Laces up quick and easy and you just snip, snip, snip come harvest time. Throw it away and lace up a new one.

Flowering Stage

In a day or so, she’ll look like this

To obtain maximum control don’t be afraid to add more bondage if needed. Zip ties are awesome and can be easily cut out with Fiskars pruners later.

She’s a Bubble gum clone (topped, super cropped, LST with a paper clip and a little haircut to promote more consistent growth).

Vegetative Stage

We grow the plant horizontally until we are a few weeks into the Flowering stage.

I do perpetual harvests, and I’m not sure if that would work with this method… You’re definitely right that more root = more bud! I’m diggin on the 7-gallon for the greater training possibilities. I totally agree it all depends on space though, everything is built around the space.