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security for outdoor cannabis grow

Security for outdoor cannabis grow

Your crops will likely be fenced off to ward off intruders trying to rob plants. However, fences can be both scaled and cut. When your first line of defense fails, you as the business owner need to know immediately to prevent thieves from running off into the night with hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars’ worth of cannabis plants.

Why the Security Threat Level is So High for Licensed Cannabis Production Facility

With the legalization of the cannabis industry across Canada and the federal legalization of hemp farming in the U.S., the growing of cannabis plants has become big business in North America. However, even within states where the recreational use of marijuana is legal, there’s still a thriving cannabis black market.

If you own a commercial cannabis growing facility or marijuana manufacturing, that makes you a target. With that in mind, you need to make security one of your top priorities to ensure you don’t wake up to see that many of your crops, and therefore profits, have vanished overnight.

10 Jun Better Perimeter Security System for Marijuana Manufacturing

The IRONCLAD Fence Alarm System developed by RBtec has been designed to stop intruders looking to make off with valuable commodities such as cannabis plants in their tracks. This discreet security system works by running a sensor cable through existing perimeter fences, capable of detecting cutting, lifting, and attempted scaling.

Security for outdoor cannabis grow

(If you need more cannabis security ideas, check out this extensive list from Cannabis Business Times.)

Wether you’re choosing a pre-existing building or completing a new cannabis facility construction, you should always have physical safety features in mind. Building design is your first line of defense, with strategic barriers, access points, and layout.

If your governing regulations change, or you need to shift your business model, flexible infrastructure is your friend.

Indoor and perimeter security measures are required for your operation. These typically include:

6. Implement General Indoor and Outdoor Security Measures

Hiring is just one function of preventing employee theft in your grow operations. Step two involves implementing the proper internal security technology and procedures.

As the medical marijuana industry ramps up nationwide and the recreational cannabis market booms in legal states, facility owners, managers, and consultants need to be ready with cannabis facility security strategies.

Security protocol must be followed just as closely. Employees should be trained on how to respond to everyday safety and security concerns. You should also conduct employee trainings for worst-case scenarios, like how to respond in an active shooter event.

1. Know Your State or Local Regulations

Thankfully, there are a growing number of online resources to help business owners achieve the cannabis security solutions needed for success. Start here with these tips for securing your grow operation from planning stages to product sales.

Each state has its own regulations and restrictions regarding zoning, growing, product standards, processing standards – and security.