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small marijuana grow tent

Other options include:

Weed plants are happiest when they’re in a temperature range of 20°F variance throughout day and night. When lights are off, temps should be no lower than 64°F during veg and 54°F during flower. When they’re on, temps shouldn’t be much higher than 84°F during either phase.

Before LED lights disrupted the homegrow market, hobbyist cultivators flowered plants primarily in tents no shorter than six feet—tall tents built to accommodate hot HID lights.

In my book, AC Infinity’s CLOUDLAB tents win out over traditional industry leaders thanks to top-quality materials, heavy-duty construction, useful touches of innovation, and a very approachable price point.

Our pick for best short tent

A cultivation room must accommodate not only the storage of a tent, but its construction. A foot or so of over-tent clearance makes for a smooth assembly, ensuring ample space to wrestle the uncompromising canvas shell over and around the frame.

Ideal for an LED light, this tent is nearly identical to the Mars Hydro, VIVOSUN, and other OEM versions—consumer-pleasing tents on a race to all-time low price tags.

Matte black on the outside and shiny on the inside, grow tents are temporary structures designed for cannabis cultivation—offering a purpose-built place to hang lights and fans without permanently modifying a residential space.

Space for your grow tent

While I would like to see zipper covers to protect against light leaks, the balance of high-end features and affordability makes for one of the best value buys on the market and one of the nicest tents I’ve used, period.

CLOUDLAB 866 by AC Infinity ($189.99). 60” x 60” x 80”. Fabric: 2000D. Poles: 22mm steel. Weight Limit: 150lbs.

Small marijuana grow tent

2nd grow under a HLG 100 Quantum Board (100W LED grow light)

I’m using the 2’x2’x3′ Grow Tent by CoolGrows. I’ve tried a few different grow tents in this size, and so far I like the CoolGrows version the best.

Total yield: 166.78g or 5.88 oz

This is what the four plants looked like before harvest

I love growing in a mini tent so I completely understand why you’re interested in trying it yourself! You can use these tents for your seedlings and clones, or you can even grow a few small plants from seed to harvest. Many different models in this size are available on

This grow is currently in progress, but here they are at 38 days old from germination

I’m relatively new to growing in a mini tent, but it’s been so fun that I had to share Here’s what I’ve grown in this tent so far:

Total yield: 156g or 5.5 oz (under a 100W light, which is 1.56g/watt!)