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stealth weed grow outdoors

Stealth weed grow outdoors

Lots of Sunlight

Growing on your own property is much more convenient than hiking to a remote grow spot, but the stakes are much higher because if the plants are spotted it’s easy to determine that you are the owner. Make sure to take every precaution!

However, consider that a greenhouse might look suspicious if it’s all by itself in the middle of the yard, especially if you don’t typically do a lot of yard work or gardening

Plant bright flowers nearby, so it looks like the cannabis plant is producing the flowers.

Check out any possible grow spot at least 3 different times, and on both weekdays/weekends to make sure you never see hikers or other people in the area.

Plants need to drink, but water is way too heavy to carry long distances. Therefore, you’re looking for a spot with easy access to fresh, clean water. If there’s no hose, you’re looking for a brook or stream with moving water. Some growers collect rainwater near the grow site. Don’t use water that looks or smells bad to you.

Test the Spot for Potential Visitors

This is a Frisian Duck plant in the vegetative stage. “Duck” or “Duckfoot” strains have 3-finger leaves which makes them look less like cannabis leaves. As a result, these strains can look like other types of plants at first glance.

If it gets very extremely hot where you live, you want to consider making sure there’s a way to at least partially shade your plants on the hottest days. Learn how to care for heat-stressed outdoor marijuana plants.

Remember they grow big and tall naturally – and unless you prune/top them they may outgrow their “secret place”.

1. Blend yourself in

Hey! Guess what, cannabis is a smelly plant. Its why we love her, and I know for many of us scent appeal factors high in our impression of how “good” a smoke is. But while it adds to the enjoyment, it doesn’t actually effect the smoke, and if a stealth grow is what you need, there are some strains that are more discrete than others. Avoid those varieties which are particularly fragrant through veg and flower (e.g. Skunk & Cheese strains). Here are some examples of low odour cannabis:

1. Blend yourself in

Whilst we admire the bold defiance of the Feed the Birds group, we don’t always want to brag about our growing. Overt planting of cannabis in public places emphasizes the point that our favorite plant is just that, a plant: but when it comes to our own back yard most of us need to be a little more discrete. There are two approaches to safely growing marijuana outdoors: one is the guerrilla grow, the other is to make a hidden outdoor grow using disguise and dissembling.

Stealth weed grow outdoors

No matter how good a grower you are, no one is immune to being caught out in the wrong place, at the wrong time. And even if growing cannabis is legal in your area, you may have other problems on your hands such as thieves and nosy neighbors. With that said, the truth is that outdoor cannabis cultivation can be an ideal scenario – if you are careful about it.

1. Picking a Spot for a Stealth Outdoor Grow

Initially, you want to inspect any possible grow site at least three times during the week and make sure to make note of any (unwanted) visitors or passers-by. Another technique is to thoughtfully leave a twenty-dollar bill in more than one random place around the chosen area. Put it somewhere visible yet steady so the wind doesn’t blow it away. If your notes are still there upon your return two weeks later, you know that the spot is most probably safe and free of society.

– Far from a Visible Path

Without further ado, we’ve compiled this nifty list of stealth outdoor grow ideas for cannabis that will help keep you out of the sight and minds of people who are out to get you. At the end of every growth cycle, your drying and curing skills may be equally important to retaining that same harvest. Let’s get straight to the ideas.