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superb og seeds

Superb og seeds

Outdoors, this plant needs to be grown in a hot climate if you want it to give high yields, as it’s a bit delicate and can easily get stressed out due to cold or unadjusted pH levels. We recommend planting it a bit later than usual, around mid-Spring; the longer it grows for the more time there is for something to go wrong. They don’t usually grow over 1.5m tall, but they can definitely reach 700g per plant. These plants should be ready towards mid-October, and if you’ve done a good enough job you’ll have some of the best weed you’ve ever tried.

Indoors it’ll grow short and wide, so make sure you don’t attempt to plant too many. Around 4-9 plants per square meter should be more than enough to fill out your grow. Super OG grows long, hard branches that are easily capable of holding up its hefty buds. You shouldn’t let it grow too much before flipping the lights, or else it can get much too wide and end up intertwining with other plants. After around 55-60 days your plants should be ready to harvest, producing up to 500g per square meter.

Superb OG by Heavyweight Seeds combines a Hindu Kush and a Chemdawg. It has an intense taste of lemon and diesel in an indica/sativa format, guaranteeing a relaxing, euphoric effect.

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Super OG outdoor grow

Superb OG by Heavyweight Seeds is a fast-flowering hybrid. It’s a bit delicate to grow, but it makes up for it with its balanced effect and original flavor. Around the world, OG strains win cannabis cups every year.

It gives a citric, sour taste with a sort of diesel flavor. It also gives a mixed effect, producing a light high with a relaxing come-down. If you make BHO extracts from Superb OG you’ll have some award-winning samples on your hands.

Super OG indoor grow

Superb og seeds

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The cannabis seeds you need are easy to find anytime day or night. Incredible genetics like Superb OG feminized cannabis seeds provide a wonderful balance of hybrid feminized cannabis genetics to any cannabis connoisseurs cannabis seed collection. When you’re looking for some fire ass grass then anything with the Ocean Grown on the tag is a cat in the bag! THC percentages come in at arockinsockin 20 to 25% on average.

Indoor growers see average yields of 500 grams per square meter and are even known to push 700 grams per square meter or more with experience from a sea of green. Outdoor growers see impressive results based upon environmental conditions and the experience level of the grower as well. A newbie will easily see between 70 to 120 grams per plant with experienced growers seeing as much as 1000 grams per plan. All this takes place in a short flowering time of 55 to 60 days. When you’re looking for cannabis seed genetics for your collection Ice Headshop has the seeds you need.

Note: We receive new seeds stock daily, on occasions yours will be ordered in & posted the very next day.