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tea for growing weed

Tea for growing weed

This is where things can become confusing, as we have touched already on the fact that there are so many variations of compost tea – it can be hard to know where to begin! That being said, knowing and understanding the very core ingredients will help you get a grip on things, and from there you can experiment with different additional ingredients if you wish to.

You can use compost tea in many ways, and the way you make your mixture will differ depending on the type of solution you are aiming for, i.e., bacterial or fungal tea. However, that being said, the vast majority of teas will consist of an amalgamation of similar ingredients that tend to crop up time and time again.

What is Compost Tea and Why Should You Be Using it for Your Cannabis Garden?

We could talk all day about the various ingredients needed for compost tea, but the bare bones are a healthy compost, good oxygen system, and additional nutrients – you shouldn’t go too far wrong with these!

If you don’t have your source of compost, or yours isn’t ready for use yet – you can find good quality options in many gardening stores!

What Do You Need to Make Compost Tea?

Round-Up: Should You Be Adding Compost Tea to Your Cannabis Garden?

Tea for growing weed

As you can see, both tables are similar, the only thing that differs is the minerals you’ll introduce, as you may know, flowering cannabis needs more phosphorus and potassium so when brewing a tea for blooming cannabis, you need to introduce Phosphorus and Potassium-rich guano or meal.

The base of all compost teas is good quality, healthy compost and should have a large microorganism population and lots of nutrients. Having good compost can take a lot of time so if you are looking to make your teas and don’t have compost available, you can buy good quality compost at your local grow shop.

Depending on if you’re brewing teas for growing or blooming cannabis, you will have to provide a certain type of guano or meal, some guanos/meals are nitrogen-rich and others are rich in phosphorus and potassium, so you should choose carefully based on what you need to provide. Both of these ingredients can boost your plant’s immune system and also feeds fungi, thus increasing its population.

4. Simple Compost Tea Recipe For Weed

A cannabis compost tea is what you get when you soak compost in water, the nutrients in the compost eventually end up in the water and the result is something similar to an organic liquid fertilizer but this fertilizer is full of microorganisms and nutrients that are beneficial for cannabis.

Compost teats for weed are one of the best ways to improve organically grown cannabis, they’re usually used as a boost when you see your soil is running out of nutrients or you just want to take care of your soil, this is a simple and effective method that should be tried by everyone growing organically. Remember that compost teas also feed the beneficial microorganisms in the substrate so you have to avoid using chemical products to provide the best possible environment for the microorganisms to reproduce. Also, have in mind that the microorganisms are living beings so you also need to maintain good growing conditions in order for them to live.


There’s no such thing as a compost tea feeding schedule, but luckily, organic teas won’t overfeed your cannabis plants so you can use them anytime you think your plants are hungry or when you want to boost microbial life in the soil.

Molasses serve as a food source for the microorganisms while you’re growing the tea.