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Plant-based CBD Oil Drops made from hemp are seed to table, third-party tested, gluten-free, non-GMO, full spectrum, vegan and the most consistency pure CBD product in the industry. Brought to you by one of the most trusted voices in the plant-based world. Try our tasty vegan CBD oil to sleep more and stress less. 100% Plant Based. Vegan. Gluten Free. No Harmful Ingredients. Try it risk free. Free shipping and returns. Capsules were Sunsoil’s first product—and for good reason.They are a vegan, flavorless way to take CBD any time of day. Most of our customers rely on CBD every day (often multiple times a day). Capsules make it easy to take a consistent serving size of CBD. Each capsule contains 20 mg of CBD.Low and SlowMany of us expe

CBD Oil Drops From Hemp 750mg – Natural Flavor Food Supplement

Ordinary Vegan’s CBD Oil Drops are from North America’s top brand of hemp-derived CBD Oil products. CBD Oil drops are vegan, organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, plant-based and the most consistently pure product family in the industry.


CBD Oil is a nutritional supplement that is derived from agricultural hemp.

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a promising phytocannabinoid that is capable of positively impacting nearly every organ system in the human body. CBD Oil has a balancing effect on the body and mind, and plays a role in restoring normal balance and physiologic homeostasis. CBD is non-psychotic (i.e. it does not result in feelings of euphoria) and has a remarkable safety profile.

Consumed by adults all around the world, Ordinary Vegan CBD drops is trusted to deliver the purest, consistent and traceable cannabinoids in North America with naturally occurring Vitamin E, fatty acids, and cannabidiol.

  • 750 mg CBD oil in each 2 ounce bottle
  • 1/2 Dropper contains 5 mg CBD oil
  • this product contains 0.3% or less of THC
  • 160 Servings per container
  • Vegan
  • Full Traceability – From Seed To Shelf
  • Full-spectrum hemp oil providing a full range of cannabinoids
  • Third-Party Tested
  • Non-GMO hemp is grown without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers
  • Gluten-Free
  • All Natural
  • Chemical-free CO2 Extraction Process

SERVING SIZE: 1/2 Dropper contains 5 mg CBD oil

HOW MUCH SHOULD I TAKE? When beginning CBD oil from Hemp, it’s best to start with the smallest dose possible. Everyone reacts differently to various supplements. As with any new product, it is important to become familiar with how your body responds to it before increasing the dose.

Most people with chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety disorders and migraines begin with 5mg to 15 mg of CBD oil a day for 6-10 days. Each 1/2 dropper is 5mg of CBD oil. If they are feeling good, they cut back. If they are still feeling good, they cut back again until they find the right dosage for their problem. It is important to administer consistent measurable doses of CBD to understand what dosage is going to work for your unique body and symptoms.

CBD oil drops can also be used topically.

Ordinary Vegan CBD Oil Drops are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and made from hemp-derived CBD Oil, delivering cannabinoids (CBD), naturally occurring Vitamin E and fatty acids to support balance in your body and mind.

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Our soils, plants, and doses are examined throughout the entire process to test for pesticides, chemicals, and the cannabinoid profile. All of our products come with a third party Certificate of Analysis (COA) so you know exactly what is in each bottle.

INGREDIENTS: Full Spectrum extract from Hemp, Organic MCT oil

If you are planning on taking CBD with other medications, please consult with your doctor.

Listen to the Ordinary Vegan podcast to understand how CBD interacts with the body.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions to me at [email protected]

All unopened unused bottles may be returned within 14-day of the delivery date for a full refund less any shipping charges. Included in the terms of sale is your clear understanding that we are selling these products containing CBD (cannabidiol) from hemp. You can contact us at [email protected] or call us at 818-649-1396.

Address: Ordinary Vegan, 607 Foothill Blvd, P.O. Box 322, La Canada Flintride, CA 91012

Your acceptance of the terms of purchase means you agree to and understand the refund policy.

Vegan CBD Oil

Our hemp is grown and harvested organically right here in the USA. We take great pride in partnering with industry-leading, family-run farms to produce the purest whole-plant hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) in the world.

3rd Party
Tested for Safety
and Quality
Sustainably Sourced
Proprietary Genetics
Certified with
US Hemp Authority
Made in a
FDA Registered
Under GMP
3rd Party
Tested for Safety
Sustainably Sourced
Proprietary Genetics
Certified with
US Hemp Authority
Made in
FDA Registered
GMP Compliant

Frequently Asked Questions

CBD is a plant-based cannabinoid found in the hemp plant that possesses a wide range of benefits based on extract quality and form.

What is CBD oil? CBD is extracted from hemp plants that have high levels of cannabidiol (CBD) and low levels (less than 0.3%) of THC. Raw hemp extract can be used in paste form, or mixed with other oils such as coconut, olive, MCT, or hemp seed to produce what’s commonly known as a ‘CBD oil.’ Jaded’s proprietary CBD Oil is intentionally crafted with high-quality organic MCT Oil to fuel your mind & body, enhance the bioavailability of the CBD oil, and support faster relief.

Your body naturally has an endocannabinoid system which is a biological system in your body that helps regulate your physiology, mood, and everyday experience. CBD interacts with your body naturally by indirectly binding to CB1 and CB2 receptors within your endocannabinoid system.

Daily dosing of CBD is very personal and dependent on what you’re solving for. Each person needs a different dosage in order to receive the desired effects. The full benefits of CBD are gradual as your body becomes more balanced and can take up to 2 weeks to build up in your system.

STEP 1: Start with an initial dose of 10mg or half a dropper (0.5ml) once a day.

STEP 2: After 2 weeks, gradually increase your dose by 2-5mg each day (if needed) until you reach the desired effects.

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STEP 3: Gradually increase the frequency of use throughout the day to achieve the perfect dosage and cadence for you.

*Disclaimer: This dosage guide is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Consult your physician or other qualified health care provider before use. We believe there are a variety of factors that can impact the efficacy of CBD in your body, including your current endocannabinoid balance, body chemistry, and genetics.

Placing CBD oil under the tongue is known as “the sublingual method” and it is one of the most effective ways to consume CBD. When CBD is taken sublingually, it allows the CBD to be absorbed directly into your bloodstream and acts as a shortcut to digestion. When you consume CBD in gummy/edible form, the CBD has to be ingested, broken down by the stomach, absorbed by the small intestine and then metabolized by the liver to be fully digested. Not only can CBD lose some of its bioavailability during this process, but the onset time can also be delayed.

To get the most juice for the squeeze, we recommend placing your CBD drops under your tongue, holding for 60 seconds, and then swallowing.

CBD is federally legal in the US if it derived from an industrial hemp plant.

While hemp was previously regulated as an illegal substance under the Controlled Substance Act of 1970, it was removed as an illegal substance under the 2018 Farm Bill, which federally legalized hemp and hemp-derived products that contain no more than 0.3% THC. Marijuana, on the other hand, is still treated as a controlled substance and is federally illegal under the Controlled Substance Act. That said, federal laws differ from state-level laws, so it’s highly encouraged to check your state’s laws and those of anywhere you travel.

JADED CBD is US Hemp Authority Certified. All Jaded CBD products are made from USA-grown industrial hemp, which is a legal regulated crop under the U.S. Farm Bill.

No. You will not develop a CBD habit or addiction, nor will you build a tolerance. Tolerance is built from THC, not CBD.

Yes. We’ve done the due diligence throughout our entire supply chain to ensure you’re receiving the most high-quality, properly dosed, effective product out there.

All Jaded CBD products are rigorously tested multiple times throughout our supply chain to ensure the highest quality product reaches your hands, every single time. Our products are tested by 3rd party laboratories to ensure accuracy, safety and quality. Our state-of-the-art testing confirms the product has no less CBD (in mg) than claimed on the label, and also tests for harmful contaminants including heavy metals, solvents, mycotoxins, pesticides, and microbials. Feel free to check out our detailed lab reports on our product pages for the contents of each batch.

Yes. Based on the latest TSA guidelines, you can now travel between states with CBD products with less than 0.3 percent THC. If you are traveling with a tincture oil, be mindful of TSA limits on how much liquid you can carry on an airplane.

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Vegan Capsules, 30 Count 600 mg Total CBD

We set out to make the world’s best CBD oil. What we learned was powerful: the best CBD oil also costs less—when you make it right. We grow 100% of our hemp. Then we make CBD oil using a naturally efficient, whole-plant infusion process. We do it all in-house, so that you get better CBD for less.

Why We Like It

Vegan-friendly alternative to softgels. Slightly larger in size, but free of animal by-products.


Capsules were Sunsoil’s first product—and for good reason.

They are a vegan, flavorless way to take CBD any time of day. Most of our customers rely on CBD every day (often multiple times a day). Capsules make it easy to take a consistent serving size of CBD. Each capsule contains 20 mg of CBD.

Low and Slow

Many of us experience the benefits of capsules as more subtle and long-lasting than CBD drops. Drops, in contrast, tend to be faster-acting. If you’ve never tried CBD before, we’d encourage you to try both capsules and drops and see what works best for you.

Our capsules are free of animal by-products. They are slightly larger in size—something to be aware of, if you have difficult swallowing—but contain the same CBD oil as our softgels.


  • 1. Organic hemp
  • 2. Organic coconut oil
  • 3. Vegetarian capsules

How to Take Softgels or Capsules

  • Take desired serving – each capsule contains 20mg of CBD
  • Swallow with a sip of water
  • Take before a meal (optional)

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Third-Party Lab Tested

We test each new batch of product at three independent, ISO‑accredited labs.

We verify that the amount of CBD that we state on our labels is accurate. And we ensure that our products are free of contaminants and impurities.

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