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vertical marijuana growing systems

When space comes at a premium, every square inch counts. The GROW Mobile System is a vertical, movable, configurable growing system that minimizes wasted space both vertically and horizontally. The stacked shelving allows for multiple levels of growing area, while the carriage-and-rail system reduces wasted aisle space.

The result? Your commercial cannabis operation can grow more plants in the same amount of space—giving you more opportunities to grow your yields, your profits, and your business.

Vertical marijuana growing systems

You should consider these factors when setting up your vertical cannabis farm:

Now that you understand what you’re getting into, we’ve made it easier to get started below.

Disadvantages of Vertical Cannabis Farming

In the early days of cannabis, the illegality of the plant forced farmers to grow their buds indoors. Fast-forward to today and we still see lots of growers setting up grow rooms in warehouses.

Starting a vertical cannabis farm is a great way to double down on your grow facility and expand your business.

How to Start Vertical Cannabis Farming

As for airflow, simply push your air down the open areas of your racking system while pulling it out from the other end. This method is similar to small greenhouses known as hoop-houses.