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weed grow box automatic

Weed grow box automatic

For beginners, the Starter Indoor Kit and Signature LED Indoor Kit are great options that provide all the fundamentals for growing 1-3 plants indoors, including soil, lights, nutrients, a heat and humidity monitor, electric timer, and more. Both are five feet tall but are narrow, at only two feet deep and two feet wide. This allows them to fit neatly in a closet or pantry.

“Tents, Lights, Soils, everything you need to grow in a single box,” is the tagline of the Budgrower, which features five highly-sophisticated kits for growing anywhere between 1-9 plants.

The SuperFlower Smart Grow Closet

And once you really get your skills and confidence humming, you could even consider the Advanced Grow Kit, which can produce 4 to 9 plants. You’re going to need a spare 16 square feet of room in your house, and the grow kit is 8 feet tall, so probably not a great fit for everybody.

The Grobo Solid

Stealth grow boxes can also be pretty cool. They often include a hidden window for viewing that doesn’t require opening the box, and can be remotely monitored by way of a smartphone app. They are also typically much better sealed and insulated than grow tents, with built in filtration systems, so smell is less of a problem as well.

Weed grow box automatic

Its small size makes it the best grow box for home growers that don’t need large crop. In addition, the size also makes it more discreet allowing you to grow in complete secrecy.

Also, the demand for grow boxes has been on the rise ever since the legalization of hemp in many states around the world. Specifically, people living on the top floors of a building or small apartments can benefit from these automated grow boxes the most.

Due to their metal or wood structure, you can easily move grow boxes around and fix them in a new location. Unlike grow tents, you do not need to disassemble the box to move it to another place and put it together again.


6. Grandma’s Secret Garden 6.0 | 4 Plant Led Grow Box


Are you a beginner looking for a way to grow weed discreetly at home? Well, stealth grow box is where your hunt ends.

The company offers you a 90-day “Concierge Service” to helps its customers grow maximum cannabis. Availing of this service, you can contact an expert cultivator at the company for any grow-related queries. The offer shows the brand’s pure commitment to the customers.

10 Best Grow Box for Beginners & Experts


The Supercloset grow box is 18 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 30 inches tall. The size suggests that it can easily accommodate short-scale cannabis crops. In addition, the automated grow cabinet comes with a soil and hydroponics system option. The soil-based cabinet can house around 6 plants on average while the hydroponics grow box can fit 8 plants.