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weed grow tent small

Weed grow tent small

I love growing in a mini tent so I completely understand why you’re interested in trying it yourself! You can use these tents for your seedlings and clones, or you can even grow a few small plants from seed to harvest. Many different models in this size are available on

Total yield: 166.78g or 5.88 oz

I’m using the 2’x2’x3′ Grow Tent by CoolGrows. I’ve tried a few different grow tents in this size, and so far I like the CoolGrows version the best.

Weed grow tent small

Light, moisture, heat, cold, and other natural factors will affect your grow tent at every moment, so you want to make sure that your grow tent is durable.

Traditional cannabis gardens that employ a single tent to handle every phase of growth (from seed to harvest) lose a great deal of time due to transition periods, harvest times, and the curing process.

This is the process that gives marijuana flowers their ubiquitous aroma, potency, and flavor.

These cuttings are then turned into clones once rooted. These clones carry all the traits of their mother, making them a near-exact replica.

Easy to Set Up

Cannabis plants can remain in the vegetative phase as long as they are kept under a minimum of 18 hours of perpetual light.

When searching for a small grow tent, you should always keep in mind the features that are important to you.

Once your seedlings or clones are ready to begin the vegetative process, it’s time to move them into the vegetative station. It’s at this point that they’ll spend 2-4 weeks in, depending on the size that you’d prefer.

Flowering Station

Many small grow tents are incredibly affordable. If you plan on growing your cannabis plants from seed to harvest within a small grow tent, then it’ll be very cost-efficient.

Small grow tents are the primary tool to facilitate this game-changing method. You can use small grow tents as vegetative stations to have them ready to go into your main flowering tent once a certain portion of cannabis plants are harvested.

Weed grow tent small

How to Set Up a Grow Tent for Stealth

Short plants can only yield so much even if they’re completely covered in bud

2.) Hang Grow Light

$60) – I love the CoolGrows branded tents. I’ve tried them in a few different sizes and they are generally higher quality (better zippers, more sturdy) and yet cost less than other “generic” tents. I just wish they offered the 2’x4’x6′ size.

Use strong nylon rope or rope ratchets to hang your exhaust fan inside the grow tent (from the top bars) to dramatically reduce sound and vibration. Your fan will sound a lot louder if you just set it on top or on the outside of your tent!