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weed growing kit ebay

I’ll plug my favorite shop.

You’ll be fine. Just look at the number of sales some of the Ebay vendors have. These sales go all across the country. I would worry more about your local hydro store than Ebay.

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but to each his own.

HOWEVER, stay away from Craig’s list. My attorney advised me that our local law enforcement has been using a sting that goes like this: They advertise a grow light for sale. When the buyer picks it up, the seller (undercover copper) asks if the buyer would like to trade the light for some smoke. The dumb ass buyer says yes, gets arrested, and a search warrant is issued based on the fact that he had pot and was buying a light. Before the guy can bail out, his house is searched. This has happened at least 4 times in the last 2 months in my county. 3 of the 4 had active grow rooms in their house. Like most cop stings, this only works on stupid growers. Stay Smart. Stay Safe.


Love it! My last purchase was this morning! I bought 5 new 396 ecoplus water pumps, more rooting gel, and 2 new bulbs. Hell iv spent probably 2k in the last year on growing supplies. Everything from full lines of nutrients to timers to mylar rolls. Understand not all of this was my investments but well over half were. Hell the only problem I have is when you get a slow ass company processing and shipping your order lol. Dont get me wrong I support local business but when you get it online at almost half price its not rocket science. Oh and I always use paypal. 99 percent of purchases are insured and iv had to use it. takes 30 days but its not a kick in the ass.

The CLOUDLAB Series also has a mounting plate installed on the front for their temp- and humidity-responsive fan controller (sold separately) for smarter ventilation.

Matte black on the outside and shiny on the inside, grow tents are temporary structures designed for cannabis cultivation—offering a purpose-built place to hang lights and fans without permanently modifying a residential space.

CLOUDLAB 743D. (Courtesy AC Infinity)

Best flowering & all-purpose grow tents

If your goal is to use just one structure to grow weed, you’ll need a tent that can accommodate plants at their biggest, which happens during the flowering cycle, or “bloom” photoperiod.

A comparison of common reflective materials by grow-light manufacturer MIGRO observed up to a 33% increase in canopy illumination when using industry-standard diamond mylar—that means 33% more weight come harvest time, so three ounces would become four, and an $600 ROI becomes $800.

Why use a grow tent?

For instance, garages and attics can fluctuate widely in temperature and humidity throughout the year and might not be well-suited to new growers. When raising plants in uninsulated spaces, success often rides on the use of heaters, ACs, dehumidifiers, and automated environmental control technologies that can add a lot to your utility bill.

Regardless of brand, price tag, or usage, a quality tent is determined by its internal frame. Look for metal poles of a substantial gauge as well as durable corner joints. Check that a tent is able to handle the weight of gear—lights, fans, filter, and anything else you might need to suspend above plants.