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weed growing wild

As recently as 1999, county weed control boards worked with the state police to find and destroy the wild pot crop every year, a program authorities described as an effort to keep Indiana from becoming part of the illegal marijuana trade, according to Tribune archives.

Police and local officials have taken measures over the years to get rid of the so-called “ditch weed” when it makes its annual appearance, but in many areas the plants are as rampant as ever, sometimes growing eight to 10 feet tall.

This year, state police have received between a dozen and 20 calls related the finding or picking of ditch weed throughout the area, the official said.

SOUTH BEND — In some places amid the seemingly endless rows of corn that dominate the farmland on the southwestern outskirts of South Bend, you can spot another plant that likes this fertile soil.

“You can eradicate ditch weed as well as you can eradicate dandelion,” said Capt. David Bursten, an Indiana State Police spokesman.

Weed growing wild

“The plant does not want a cold and damp spot, it wants heat and will have been well-baked by the sun on a south-facing aspect over the great summer we have had. There might be others out there.”

“The plant will be taken away for analysis.”

Patricia Hewitson was informed live on air by the programme's hosts yesterday that the 5ft-high shrub was a cannabis plant.

"It must be a very plucky bush indeed because it is the only one there.”

The precise position of the potent weed was given to police so it could be destroyed.

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Patricia, 65, had been baffled by the plant that was giving off a strong smell. She asked friends and put a photo on Facebook but no one seemed to know what it was.

It's pot luck it has taken root but a cannabis plant has been discovered growing wild at a popular beauty spot.

The horsewoman said: “I thought I was seeing things and took a photograph.