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weed seeds on wish

Weed seeds on wish

It's June 30th, Whad up! You like good seeds?! The only cannabis seeds bred by bodyguards for bodyguards! Fight Milk Seeds!

" THSeeds." $THseeds or @THseeds (Cash App or Venmo) & [email protected]

Just an update since some of the bigger subs don't mind talking about vendors in comments just not posts. So, News: All orders sent from last week arrived no worries all good and with Cash App. I am able to accept BTC now also, so that's good shit. No longer take PayPal.

So after about a hour of browsing different things from clothes, tools, accessories. I decided to look for some grow lights and they actually have quite a selection but you have to read the description very carefully as it may seem you getting this amazing bright LED grow light for cheap but its only 3w so yea.
I finally decided to try my luck and order some, the ones i ordered were according to the description 18w and i think two were 3w ( only noticed it after i placed the order. )
But i gave it a go i mean what harm can it do?

So if you wondering about all those ads of hemp seeds, Cannabis seeds, medical Cannabis seeds anything with a cannabis leaf on it its not what it says it is.

So I was bored one day and decided to check out and test the WISH app.