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weeds growing in walls

Hi Guys, I've recently had a new roof done as the old roof was probably the originally one and was riddled with cracks, moss.

Hello, I have two small issues I'm hoping are easy to fix myself. 1) Around the house and between where it connects to the.

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Old walls collect soil or growing medium containing seeds . the only way is to take down wall to said height and rebuild. use a systemic weed killer..and yes it does re-grow that quickly. an old wall can be a continuous project. Mastercrete cement is pretty toxic to most living things, might not look the nicest but it works.

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Answered 26th Sep 2019

Answered 26th Sep 2019

I’ve just had my garden wall repointed and coving tiles recemented at a cost of £1000.
I’m disappointed to see that weeds have already started sprouting from some of the repointing. Should this have happened and if so, is there any way to seal the brickwork to prevent it and how much should I expect to pay? They have appeared high up so I can’t easily reach to remove them. Thank you

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Dismantle and rebuild the wall, reclaim materials where possible.

Weeds growing in walls

We've all seen a pavement which has been cracked or warped where weeds have grown through. It's also common to see brick walls where weeds seem to magically be growing out the gaps between the bricks. In the case of pavements how are weeds able to punch through such a solid material as concrete? We usually think of small plants as needing a lot of luck to get started as they are very vulnerable. and yet these weeds and grasses seem to be able to literally split a sidewalk.

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This might not be an appropriate question for this subreddit but I've asked elsewhere and no luck so here we go:

In the case of weeds growing out of walls and the like: where the hell are they getting their nutrients? As far as I know walls don't contain soil so how do plants grow out of them? It seems if you leave stuff alone for just a few years plants are destined to be overgrowing it all when you get back. Even if the starting point was an area of modern steel and thick concrete. Even outside my house we have a brick wall which has a plant growing out of it about half way up. It seems to be coming from between some bricks but honestly the gap is tiny and I would assume only cement was in there. How can a plant grow from cement and brick?