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weeds growing through rock bed

Weeds growing through rock bed

A quick and natural way to kill weeds in rocks is by pouring boiling water directly on them. The scorching water will burn the leaves and kill the plants immediately.

Sprinkling rock salt directly on the soil doesn’t give you enough precision. Precision is critical when working on rock gardens adorned with decorative plants. The root systems of the plants may be reaching further than you think. You might be sprinkling salt right where the roots are.

Here are other things you should consider before buying the best weed killer for rocks:

Kill Weeds With Boiling Water

The good news is, killing weeds in rocks is not much different from killing weeds in the garden and lawn.

Sprinkle rock salt directly on the soil , underneath or near the weeds. Spray the treated area with plenty of water to give the salt the chance to penetrate the soil.

Sprinkle Salt On The Soil

Another natural way to kill weeds in rocks is to use good old rock salt or table salt. The salt kills weeds by drawing the moisture out of them and dehydrating them. This applies to other plants as well! Be careful not to get any on the plants that you want to keep.

Contact weed killers are great for eradicating common annual weeds like nettle, crabgrass, bindweed, mallow, and others alike.

Weeds growing through rock bed

Do not substitute plastic sheeting for landscape fabric. Plastic prevents air and water from reaching the soil. This causes water to pool among your rocks, which can create a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects.

Invasive weeds can destroy the look of your rock beds, and where one weed invades more are sure to follow. When possible, act fast to wipe out invasive plants. With a few tricks, you can kill the weed growth among your rocks and prevent weeds from coming back. Just employ these simple methods:

Lay Landscape Fabric

Several popular “natural” methods are touted as solutions for killing weeds in rocks. Some of these methods are ineffective, while others can be more dangerous to your yard than herbicides. Be wary of the following weed killers.

To prevent overspray that may harm desirable plants and grasses, apply weed killers on a wind-free day. If necessary, use cardboard to shield desirable plants when spraying weeds.

Use a Long-Lasting Weed Killer and Preventer Spray

The best way to kill weeds down to the root without using herbicides is by hand-weeding. This may seem like hard work, but no home remedy is as effective as hand weeding. If you use the right weeding tool, the job can be much easier.