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what are the best led grow lights for weed

What are the best led grow lights for weed

LED grow lights come with built-in cooling systems and heat sinks which vent air up and away from plants. This can make it so that you can hang the LED grow light in your tent and not necessarily need an exhaust system to control the temperature

These plants seem apparently healthy, but the top leaves keep getting lighter and lighter because the LED grow light was too close. If you don’t realize it’s light burn, the symptoms are inexplicable!

Cannabis plants grown by depthchargeseeds under an HLG 300 Quantum Board LED grow light (check out their Instagram profile!)

Breakdown of Most Popular HLG LED Models:

Advanced Platinum LED Grow Lights

Average Yields: 4+ ounces – keep in mind that the strain (genetics) and any plant training you do makes a huge difference in your final yields

Here are those same plants at week 6 of flowering under the ES300 LEDs

How Far to Keep from Plants: 24″ is the recommended starting distance from the plants.

LEDs vs Other Popular Cannabis Grow Lights

Actual Power Consumption: 180W

LEDs vs CFLs

What are the best led grow lights for weed

Yes. The primary one is cost. They are a great value, but there are now similar lights from Chinese brands that sell for less (like the Spider Farmer and Mars lights below). Because HLG is an American company, you can expect better quality control and customer service than a Chinese brand.

Features Of The Spider Farmer SF Series LED Grow Lights

If you’ve spent any time in grow forums, you have undoubtedly come across the name Horticulture Lighting Group, or HLG for short. At the very least, you’ve seen the phrase “quantum boards.”

Features Of The HLG Series Quantum Board LED Grow Lights

And the same is true for all-white LED grow lights, despite what the manufacturers of those lights claim. Yes, they work, but they waste a lot of energy unnecessarily. That’s why the top LED grow lights have white diodes, but they supplement those with additional red and blue LEDs.

What are the best led grow lights for weed

How big is your grow room going to be? If you don’t have much space, you should steer clear of ‘hot’ lights, or else the room’s temperature will increase rapidly. You also won’t have enough space to install an AC unit.


Metal Halide or MH grow lights are primarily used during the vegetative stage. This is the part of the cannabis plant’s life where growth takes off and leaves begin to flourish. MH lights produce a strongly blue-tinged light, which the plants prefer at this stage of growth.

Fluorescent Grow Lights – Best Used for Small Grows

If you’re looking for discretion, LED grow lights and fluorescent grow lights are the likeliest options. However, if you’re after efficiency, HID is probably the best grow light for marijuana available. That is, as long as you don’t mind the increase in your electricity bill.