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what wattage grow light do i need for weed

What wattage grow light do i need for weed

The result of those 8 plants was a big harvest only 3 months from germination. Who doesn’t love a quick bountiful harvest? However, more plants take more work. It was kind of a pain to take care of 8 plants at once in such a small space.

Each grow light has a recommended light footprint. Look at the product details to make sure a grow light is designed for your size grow space to ensure the best results.

1.) What’s the best size grow light for X number of plants?

Note: Some grow lights are better suited for growing cannabis than others. That means you could get two 300W grow lights that produce wildly different yields. However, these numbers offer a rough estimate. And remember, regardless of the type of light, you can achieve better yields with high-yielding genetics and grower experience.

2.) What size grow light for a 2×4, 3×3, or 4×4 grow tent? (Metric 0.6mx0.6m or 1mx1m, etc.)

Typically the “blurple” LEDs don’t produce as well as the LEDs with a wider color spectrum (though not always)

What wattage grow light do i need for weed

Fluorescents are a great choice for clones, young plants, supplemental lighting and can save you money on electricity in the vegetative stage compared to using high power lights when plants are too young to use it all anyway. They can also be used to flower plants in spaces that are shorter than what’s possible with other grow lights (aka ‘stealth growing’).

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