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There are many seeds suppliers from local and overseas, however you will never know who is the “best”. We aim to source quality seeds from over the world and offer the best varieties at the best timings from our worldwide Suppliers. All the seeds we provide are “safe“, we do not offer Genetic Modified (GM) seeds. All the seeds we import come with the Phytosanitary Certificate (to prove the seeds are safe and free from any kind of contaminations). Once the Seeds arrived we store them in vacuum jars stored in temperature controlled rooms, this is to prolong their life such that all seeds delivered to you are still in it’s most freshness condition.

We encourage container gardening (grow your flavorite plants in a container). In Hong Kong most of us are living in small to medium size apartments and do not have a garden. We know when we were young sunlight is a pre-requisite for plant undergoing the process of photosynthesis. Yummy Seeds tells you that some of the plants can still live in places without full sunlight. They can grow well in balcony or your kitchen. Less sun would only lead to slower grow rate for some varities but they can grow very healthy. You can find different varieties at Yummy Seeds according to your needs and planting locations.

We wish to promote Gardening to form a habit, this is good for us and our younger generations. Gardening improves our attention to tasks. It gives satisfactions as well when we see blooming flowers or cut the required quantity of herbs in the kitchen for the dinner. It would just take you as less as 10 to 15 minutes per day to acquire the satisfaction. It is amazing, and it’s indeed cost you very cheap to form the habit. Our mission is to generate this good habit for everyone.

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Yummy seeds

At Yummy Seeds, you will find the most popular herb and vegetable seeds for your use in kitchen, as well as the special flower seeds for your garden. We offer non-GM (non-genetically modified) seeds. Let’s plan and plant safe today!

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